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— Running a company & working with the web

I’ve been working with computers and Internet technology for a long time.

AFTER GRADUATION HIGH SCHOOL at Fässbergsgymnasiet in Mölndal I've been involved in this in one way or another. Today I run Republic Factory, a digital design and web technology company, together with some really talented colleagues.

Do you like your job on a Sunday evening?

I'm a big believer in that you should enjoy what you do. The main reason is that you're better at things you like to do. And it works the other way around as well — if you're good at something chances are that you're going to enjoy doing it.

The heading above doesn't mean that I think you should work all week long, but if your gut feeling on Sundays is "oh no, not Monday again" every single week… Maybe it's time to think things trough?

At the moment, I enjoy working in a small company, running the show and everything else that comes with that role. If a time comes when I'd rather do something else I'm pretty confidant that I will.

Work experience

Republic Factory (2006 - present day)

I started doing some consultancy work for Republic during 2006 and I enjoyed working enough to have stayed since. Republic Factory is a digital design and web technology company and we specialize in building custom projects for clients and doing original digital design for various mediums. A while ago I also became a partner and it feels like we're heading towards a bright future.

Sandin Design (2002 - present day)

In April 2002 I decided to start a business. I'd been asked to work with some web design projects for a couple of local firms and I decided that it would be easier for everyone if I had a registered company.

Since then I've learned quite a lot, especially how to deal with a lot of different kind of people and how to deal with all things that occur in an ordinary business. I've also learnt the basics of running my own business and the basics of book keeping and accounting. These experiences will always be with me, and I think it will help me out tremendously in the future since I always have that to relate to.

I guess that most of my clients have been pretty happy to work with me since they tend to come back and tend to promote my business to their friends. In my opinion that is pretty much the best compliment you get.

Teaching web design at Elof Lindälvs gymnasium (1998-1999)

The year after I graduated high school [sv: gymnasiet] I worked for several months as a teache in web design at Elof Lindälvs gymnasium in Kungsbacka. It was during those months, and thanks to the first high speed Internet connection I came across on a daily basis there, that my interest in these things really started to ignite.


Ms Electrical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology (1999-2004, 2006)

During my four years at Chalmers I have taken a lot of obligatory courses in mathematics and physics but focused on courses in Computer Science, Digital Construction and Industrial Economy (including marketing and organizational theory). I'm interested in technology and digital products as well as in the management and organizational aspects of these fields. The last year I also attended courses in Computer Graphics and Advanced Computer Graphics that I enjoyed.

I got an Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in 2006 [sv: Civilingenjör i Elektroteknik].

Courses at Chalmers
Title Credits
Arkitektur och stadsbyggande 5.0
Datorarkitektur 4.0
Digital konstruktion 4.0
Digital- och datorteknik E 5.0
Datorsystemteknik E 5.0
Avancerad datorgrafik 4.0
Industriell digital konstruktion 6.0
Projektkurs i elteknik 1.0
Elteknik 5.0
Miljöteknik E 3.0
Introduktion till elektroteknik 8.0
Chefskap - Ledarskap E 3.0
Elektromagnetiska fält 5.0
Kretsanalys 5.0
Mätteknik 6.0
Signaler och system 5.0
Kommunikationssystem 5.0
Mikroelektronik: Komponenter och kretsar 8.0
Mekanik E 6.0
Fysik E 8.0
Industriell organisation E 5.0
Industriell ekonomi E 5.0
Industriell marknadsföring 5.0
Datastrukturer och algoritmer E 5.0
Programmeringsteknik E 6.0
Databaser 4.0
Datorgrafik 4.0
Matematiska metoder E 16.0
Diskret matematik 3.0
Stokastiska processer 3.0
Matematiska metoder. forts-kurs 12.0
Informationskompetens E 0.5
Seminarier om människa, teknik och samhälle 1.0

Ms Business Technology, IT University in Göteborg (2004-2006)

I spent the last years of my education at the IT University here in Göteborg, attending a masters program called Business Technology.

Courses at IT University
Title Credits
Knowledge Management 10
Affärsinformatik 10
Strategisk omvärlds- och framtidsanalys 10
Affärstransformation och innovation 10
Examensarbete Business Technology 20