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Photos on display

Yesterday I spent some time putting together a new photo album that displays my Flickr photos directly on the site and added this to the navigation bar above. I hope that some of you will find that better.

At the same time I uploaded a couple of more photos from the recent training camp in Fuengirola, Spain. Bea got some photos from Fuengirola as well and I guess she’s going to force me to add the new photo album to her site as well. In the mean time you’ll find her photos on Flickr ;-)

I got plans to develop the album a bit further, adding the comments from Flickr and some other stuff - but I hope it’s working good enough for now.

Update: Today, and that is Sunday, I’ve added a couple of things to the photo album mentioned above. Now you can view comments posted on Flickr, view a list of my friends’ photos that can be found on Flickr and some other things that you might notice.

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