Journal | Christofer Sandin


Last Saturday morning Ragnar and I travelled to Reykjavik for an indoor meeting. I ran the 60m and the 200m while Ragnar ran the 400m. 60m has not gone the way I’ve planned so far, and I still struggle to get my act together in the blocks, but the 200m race was all right. It still lacks some intensity but it was a decent start of the season - 3/10 of a second away from my indoor PB.

I’ve posted some pictures on Flickr if you like to see what Iceland looks like in January. Even if I don’t have any pictures to prove it - we managed to squeeze in a visit to one of the many outdoor swimming facilities in Reykjavik, and with a air temperature of -9 degrees it was quite nice to crawl down in the 40+ degrees warm water.

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