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Ahh.. it's Friday

Just a couple of minutes ago I e-mailed my eight-pages-paper on Knowledge Management Systems to my teachers. That’s the first big thing we are to hand in during the 10p Knowledge Management course I’m taking at the moment. Though it is pretty tough to write about something that you’ve only talked about for some weeks, come up with new ideas and criticize people that have spend a good ten, twenty years of their lives developing and understanding of this things I think it turned out all right. It’s also the first time in quite some time that I have to write such a large amount of text during a long period of time, hopefully you learn something from that as well… :-)

Today it’s Friday - and Beatrice and I are going to look after Zinga for a couple of days. It’s quite nice to have someone at home while writing, but then again, she is probably not the most difficult dog to take care of… Enjoy your weekend, take care!

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